more logo design

Further logo and branding projects I have worked on.


Bolt frisbee

Design for a frisbee to be sold primarily at festivals. It needed to stand out against competing products on the shelf, and appeal to children and adults alike.

photo (5).JPG


This was a rebrand for an already established and successful company, so had to be treated sensitively, respecting and echoing it's roots whilst bringing the brand firmly up to date.

The online retail company has a strong sense of community with their customers and I wanted to reflect that with the icon's shape, emulating speech bubbles...whilst also incorporating a representation of the titular fire. The 'F' shape inside took form from the original logo's typeface, yet the modern but classic new font allowed the brand to appeal to a wider market than previous.

As you can see from the additional images, this logo has successfully been used across many platforms and in many forms.


banana kendama

Logo and packaging design for a skills toy.



Logo and advertising for tree surgery company.

The client asked for a more graphically pleasing version of the 'usual' tree maintenence businesses, but I had to still adhere to traditional conventions of this kind of company so as not to alienate some of their core audience market.

The shape of the tree was taken directly from a site specific local oak that the client had requested.


prodigy aerial

Logo design and branding for a company specialising in high end aerial arts equipment.

The brief for the logo asked for it to be representative of flow and the arts, whilst also representing strength, professionalism and security. Circles are a common shape found throughout aerial arts; be it a pulley or a carabiner, a performer's movement through the air, or an aerial ring. This circular idea also lent itself well to the supporting promotional imagery of the sky, sun and the moon.



Branding for event entertainer. Brief was to be fun and playful and to incorporate a 'better' version of a bubble outline the client supplied me with.